A bit about Brantly

Brantly’s passion for acting began in high school when during his junior year, his drama class was assigned a project where they had to write their own original scripts and perform them at the end of the semester. Despite having never done any acting or script writing before, Brantly was ready to accept the challenge head-on. He spent the next few weeks writing and rewriting his piece. When it was done, he was incredibly proud of the work. Over the entire process of writing, directing, and acting in his first play, he fell in love with acting. He knew that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Now, after several years of theatre, including leading roles in plays like Blithe Spirit and Gospel According to First Squad, and lead roles in 

films such as CURRENTS, he now lives full-time in Los Angeles. He spends every day in pursuit of his dream, always looking for the next incredible project!