headshot professional actor model lifestyle film


Zare                               Brad (Lead)    Isaiah Ware

Groups of Two  Ben (Supporting)   Bobby Slaski

Boulevard Misfits  Brad (Supporting)   Mitchell Cox

CURRENTS  Anthony (Lead)   Hayden Bownds & 

Crisitian Cruzio

Souls for Sale Victor Guzman (Lead)  Natalia-Christabelle

M.I.A.  Michael Bowen (Lead) Abylay Zhakashov

The Diary Marvin (Supporting) Ziqian Sang

Olympia  Jonas (Lead)  Paul Ward


Equivocation                                  Sharpe/Tom Wintour/King James    Chase McKenna

Comedy of Errors                          Balthazar/Courtesan                          Chase McKenna

Gospel According to 1st Squad    Muhammad                                         Chase McKenna

The Pajama Game                        Prez                                                       Becky Rodriguez


Dr. Squatch                                    Internet                             TubeScience

Meatstick                                        Internet                             MuteSix

Happn                                             International                    Happn, Inc.

Freshly                                            Internet                             TubeScience

Chevrolet                                       National                             ESPN

Wynn Hotel and Resort               National                             The&Partnership

Dollar Shave Club                         Internet                             TubeScience

Weight Watchers                          Regional                            PrettyBird

Keyto                                              Internet                             Glass and Marker

NBA                                                 National                           O Positive

Vivo v11                                          International                   Vivo Productions

Cornerstone OnDemand             Internet                           Two Bridges Entertainment

Dave and Buster's                        Regional                           Orange Street Casting

Heavenly Ski Resort                     Regional                           Vial Resorts


Beach Cruiser                                Promo Model                  RetroSpec

New Media

Filter Demo                                   Model                                Snapchat

3peat, "White Tax"                      Frat Bro                            Comedy Central

Do You Stand Out?                      Test Subject                     BROTHER

Third Wheel                                  Date                                   AwesomenessTV


Honda                                            Brandon                          Redband Media 

Traliant                                          Mark                                GoldCat

Kelley Blue Book                          Pat                                   Upper Diamond


On-Set Camera Training                                         Lewis Smith's Actor's Academy

Adult Commercial Workshop                                Killian's Workshop

On-Camera Scene Study                                        Take 2 Performers Studio

Improvisation                                                           Take 2 Performers Studio

Voice Over Coaching                                                Jan Haley-Soule

Special Skills

Accents/Dialects: British (Standard/Cockney), Scottish, Irish,  Middle Eastern, American Texas Southern

Athletics: Regionally ranked freestyle and breaststroke swimmer, 1st place finisher for age group in half marathon, HIIT sprinter and short - long distance runner, cycling (street and mountain), downhill skier (black diamond level), weight lifting training

Other: Wide vocal range (impersonations, voices, and mimicking), baritone/bass vocal range, able to whistle, firearm trained, hand-to-hand and broadsword stage combat experience, able to grow full beard quickly, valid driver's license, valid US passport

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